RMC-360R/RMC-372R - 3 Row Mulch Layers

Maximizing productivity starts with eliminating passes across the field. Our line of three row equipment does just that. Many of our customers have experienced the decreased cost and labor that is associated with our three-row line. There are some differences with this process such as the need for a pre-bedder to form the bed ahead of the rigid layers. This is due to the fact that unlike our single row layers the three row rigid machines do not have gathering blades.


These two models are built tough for the grower that wants to get in and get out. These machine takes the efficiencies of the RMC-172 and RMC-160 and multiplies it by three. These are both rigid frame layers that are setup for growers on 72” or 60” centers. These units are paired with the RMC-372PB and the RMC-360PB pre-bedders.