Off-Set Ditcher with Chain Drive & Clutch

Eliminate most shovel Work and Cut More Uniform Ditches with Reddick Chain Drive Ditcher. Designed to Cut a Smooth Ditch that can be Crossed Easily with Harvest Equipment. Combine Headers can remain close to the Ground without Scooping Dirt, as with a Plowed, Drain Furrow. Dig Ditches with a Single or Multiple Passes Using Reddick’s Adjustable Skid Plate. For Convenience a Built-In Parking Stand Holds the Ditcher Upright for Easy Connection to Your Tractor.

  • Cutter Head – 3 Replaceable Heat-Treated, High Carbon Steel Blades and 3 Thrower Blades
  • Chain Drive – Heavy-Duty #120 Roller Chain in Oil Bath. Shafts are 1-7/16” Diameter High C
  • A-Frame – Category I & II Three-Point Hitch
  • Main Frame – All Welded Heavy-Duty Rectangular Tubing Used for Main Frame & Chain Housing
  • Universal Drive Shaft – 1-3/8” 6-Spline Coupler for 540 RPM.
  • Telescoping Shaft is Fully Shielded
  • Horse Power - 60HP Rated PTO & Chain Drive
  • Slip Clutch – Heavy-Duty Double Disc Clutch for Overload Protection on Drive System

Price : $5,143.00 + options