Little Soil Squirt

  • Pump Base Mounts
  • Tank Mounts
  • Tubes To Attach To Sub-Soil Shanks
  • Fumigation Knives & Holders
  • Poly Tanks ( 55 Gallon – 150 Gallon)
  • Includes: 12 Volt Roller Pump, Plumbing & Frame

LITTLE SQUIRT is powered by a 12-volt DC explosion-proof motor, to safely handle flammable liquid fumigations under pressure. There is one switch, located well away from the fumigant chemical, to handle all operations, and there is a minimum of lines and hoses in its design.

LITTLE SQUIRT does it all! Fumigant can be transferred from chemical nurse tank safely with NO SPILLING achieved with dry-disconnect fittings. Efficient pump will transfer 30 gallons in four minutes. Another safety feature are the check valves located at the injection shanks-eliminating any dripping at the ends of rows.

We consider the LITTLE SQUIRT fumigation system to be the first applicator on the market for accurate, efficient fumigation, giving the ultimate in safety. LITTLE SQUIRT is tops in economy with its totally-enclosed, no-spill operating system that can both fill and discharge fumigants with security and comfort for the operator.

LITTLE SQUIRT goes along with the equipment you have-its regulators, strainers, filters, valves, pump, and motor are all on one mount together for easy installation on a tool bar.

LITTLE SQUIRT has quality construction-all the connecting components from the pump are of nickel-plated alloy, stainless steel, or polypropylene. The only pressure hoses are located from the manifold to the shanks, and are rated for four times the working pressure.

LITTLE SQUIRT is easily set-up-there is only one suction hose that connects to the fumigation tank; then connect the hoses to the injector feet. The switch is conveniently mounted on the tractor, and easily connected to the 12-volt power source. Then, pop on the dry quick coupler and fill the fumigation tank.

Disconnect (with no mess) and head to the field!

Price : $2,459.00 + options