Vegetation Management

Vegetation Management covers a wide range of needs. Reddick Equipment Company has over 30 years of experience building quality sprayers, nurse tanks, and customized spray equipment to get the job done.

Skid Sprayers

Custom Equipment

Reddick has over 30 years of experience in the sprayer manufacturing business. Every customized unit starts with an understanding of what our customer needs. Then we build a piece of equipment that will perform day in, day out for many years to come with proper maintenance.

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Vegetation Management

Reddick understands that Vegetation Management covers everything that DOT and Municipalities manage from inner-city trees and gardens to rural roadsides with brush and ditches. So much diversity needs diverse equipment and Reddick wants you to get exactly what you're looking for, when you need it, within your existing budget. Reddick Custom Spray Systems are built to fit individual business needs. Reddick offers a large range of poly-skid sprayers, dual and multi-tank skid sprayers, quality boom sprayers, all the way to a customized spray truck.

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