Lawn, Turf, and Pest Control

Choosing the ideal sprayer for lawn, turf, and pest control can be tricky, but Reddick Equipment Company has you covered. Our goal is always to provide high quality equipment solutions to suit your business needs. The information below will help determine the sprayer that fits your needs.

Economy Sprayers

Skid Sprayers

Trailer Sprayers

3-Point Sprayers

UTV Sprayers

Poly Space-Saver Designs

Spray Trucks

Custom Equipment

Reddick has over 30 years of experience in the sprayer manufacturing business. Every customized unit starts with an understanding of what our customer needs. Then we build a piece of equipment that will perform day in, day out for many years to come with proper maintenance.

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Custom Spray Systems

For vans, pick-up trucks, and flatbeds modular spray systems provide the ideal solution. Many options and accessories are available to customize the sprayer.

Van Spray Systems

Van Spray Systems can be designed with custom poly tanks, reels, pumps and engines to suit your business needs. The spray systems designed to fit inside are economical and compact leaving room for other business equipment and products.

Van outfitted with a custom spray system. | Side View

Van outfitted with a custom spray system. | Back View

Pick-Up Trucks and Flatbed Spray Systems

Any truck can be a lawn and ornamental truck with Reddick's Poly Skid sprayers. This line of sprayers can offer split tanks with separate pumps, engines, and reels to avoid cross contamination. These poly-skids offers a balanced space-saving design that maximizes truck space to leave room to expand the spray system or for other necessary equipment and materials. All of our poly skid sprayers are built with air-craft grade aluminum frames for long term durability.

Pick-up outfitted with a custom spray system. | Back View

Pick-up outfitted with a custom spray system. | Side View

Custom Spray Trucks

Custom spray trucks are ideal for those who are looking to build a spray system around their business needs. Utilizing the modular concept, building complex custom spray systems are easily achievable. We specialize in designing and building custom spray trucks of all sizes and styles.

Enclosed Lawn Trucks

Enclosed Lawn Trucks with split welded poly tanks and integrated storage boxes. They also features lawn spray guns, a hand wash tank, Honda engines and much more. All customizable to your needs.

Enclosed Lawn Truck with a custom spray system. | Example 1

Enclosed Lawn Truck with a custom spray system. | Example 2

Lawn Spray Trucks

Lawn Spray Trucks offer large 600 gallon split tanks with baffles, 100/100 mix tanks with storage boxes, pumps and Honda engines, and an open deck with spreader bracket and adjustable pack bracket options. Customize to fit your business needs.

Lawn Spray Truck custom spray system. | Side View

Lawn Spray Truck custom spray system. | Side View

Professional Series - Open Station Lawn Trucks

Open station lawn trucks feature multiple poly weld tanks in open station styles for ease of access to pumps, engines, and reels. All customizable to your business needs. These trucks are great for the lawn, turf, and Plant Health Care industries. The open station style with multiple tanks and reels offers protection from cross contamination.

Professional Series. | Side View

Professional Series. | Back/Side View

Landscape Body Trucks

Landscape style bodies are designed to facilitate and expedite the use of ride on spreader sprayers. The built in trailer body simplifies the vehicle component while the wet module provides both nurse capacity to fill the ride on equipment and a complete spray system for plant health care or simple service on smaller lawns.

Landscape Body Trucks. | Side View

Landscape Body Trucks. | Side View

Large Capacity Trucks

These truck styles are great for Hi-Volume applications. Reddick offers them with large capacity poly welded tanks with different split options, standard and dual reel options, and quality pumps and engine options.

Large Capacity Truck. | Side View

Large Capacity Trucks. | Side View