Professional Spray Truck (850 Series)

All of Our Spray Trucks are Custom Built to the Customer's Specifications Please select your options to the right, submit them through the Shopping Cart and we'll prepare a detailed Custom Quote for your spray system. There's no charge for the design or quote.

  • Chemical Resistant Premium Fiberglass Tanks
  • Fiberglass Main Tank with Baffles
  • Long Life, Easy Start Honda Engines
  • Suction Strainer with Stainless Mesh Screen
  • Adjustable Pressure Regulator with Liquid Filled Gauge
  • Vortex Jet Agitation to Keep Chemicals Mixed
  • EPA Air Gap Filler with Camlock Connection
  • All Welded Aluminum Frame & Supports
  • Aluminum Bed with Reinforced Struts & Supports
  • Rear DOT Bumper, Lights & Trailer Hitch