RMC-105 Mulch Lifter

The disk coulters are designed to cut vines or debris in row middles and slice soil along lifting edge. The main frame is made of 4”X4” square tubing and its extra heavy lifter shanks are made with a shear bolt design. Lifter plates on under cutter blades are covered with a HDPE liner for wear protection.

Recommended Tractor for this Equipment:
2 Wheel Drive: 75Hp / 4 Wheel Drive: 50Hp

  • Main Frame is 4”x4” Square Tubing with Quick Hitch Ready 3-Point Hitch
  • Two Heavy-Duty 18” Coulters Mounted on a Double Bearing Spindle
  • Adjustable Width Coulter Blades & Lifter Shanks
  • Approximate Weight – 950lbs