RMC-100 Hole Punch

The RMC-100 plasticulture mulch hole punch is equipped with spiked wheels. These spikes are located at your desired plant spacing. The hole puncher rolls over the bed to perforate the plastic mulch film before bare root or plug settings.

  • Cat. I or II 3-Point Hitch Frame
  • 2 to 4 Spiked Wheels Depending on the Number of Rows
  • Different Spike Size & Spacing According to the Type of Transplants
  • Adjustable Gauge Wheels for Proper Bed Alignment
  • Front Stands for Storage

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Options Add
   RMC-100-1A     Bare Root Punch Wheel      
   RMC-100-1B     Plug Punch Wheel      
   RMC-100-2A     Rack for Wheels