500 Gallon Poultry House Sprayer

The Reddick Poultry Sprayer is Designed to Quickly Clean Poultry Houses Inside and Out Using a High Pressure, High Volume Diaphragm Pump. The Center Boom Mast and Four Side Nozzles are Adjustable to Wash Side Curtains, Ceilings, Water Lines and Rafters without damage. Comfortable Hand Levers Lock Nozzles Into Position with no hand tools required. A Trigger Handgun is also included to touch up small problem Areas and may then be used to clean equipment.

  • Durable Udor Diaphragm Pump, Delivers (47gpm, 700psi)
  • Large Double Ceiling Nozzle (Can be adjusted 360°)
  • Four Side Nozzles Are Fully Adjustable, On/Off Valves on Each Nozzle
  • Adjustable Trigger Spray Gun, Includes 50’ of High Pressure Hose
  • 500 Gallon Polyethylene Tank
  • Sturdy Steel Frame Trailer
  • 11L x 15 High Flotation Tires & Wheels

Price : $10,150.00 + options