RMC-160 Single Row Mulch Layer

The RMC-160 offers all of the same benefits of the larger, classic mulch laying equipment, just in a compact version so that it can be pulled by a smaller tractor. This is great for smaller farms or U-Pick operations. It will accommodate up to 48" plastic and can be customized to fit your operation.

  • Quality manufacturing with precision laser cut components
  • New simplified design for ease of adjustment
  • Available single drip or double drip tape rolls
  • Adjustable gathering blades
  • Adjustable UHMW lined press pan
  • Replaceable sides on the pans
  • Press pan outfitted with bolt-on kick out wings
  • Adjustable four axis press wheels and covering discs
  • Adjustable plastic roll bed to accommodate a wide range of plastic widths
  • Operator seat mounted on the rear for better access to component
  • Floating crown roller to maximize plastic adherence to the bed