RMC-360F/RMC-372F - 3 Row Mulch Layers

Maximizing productivity starts with eliminating passes across the field. Our line of three row equipment does just that. Many of our customers have experienced the decreased cost and labor that is associated with our three-row line.


These models are our float frame three row layers that are setup for 72” and 60” centers. These machines were designed for growers who have undulating land and cannot implement a rigid frame machine. These units are essentially three of our single row machines attached independently to three row tool bar. This design allows each unit to move independently when needed to ensure a proper tuck on the plastic. Unlike the three row rigid machines, these units do have gathering blades and do not require a pre-bedder.

  • Quality manufacturing with precision laser cut components
  • New simplified design for ease of adjustment
  • Available single drip or double drip tape rolls
  • Adjustable gathering blades
  • Adjustable UHMW lined press pan
  • Replaceable sides on the pans
  • Press pan outfitted with kick out wings
  • Adjustable four axis press wheels and covering discs
  • Adjustable plastic roll bed to accommodate a wide range of plastic widths
  • Operator seat mounted on the rear for better access to components
  • Floating crown roller to maximize plastic adherence to the bed